The ARON Drum-Skimmer is a floating equipment that collects oil and oily substances of different viscosity floating on the water surface.

ARON SRL is the first and only manufacturer in Italy of Drums Floating Skimmer!

NEW SINGLE DRUM MODELS SK1GG with on-board pump, light weight and reduced overall dimensions.

It is entirely made of plastic materials and noble metals, which mark out its uniqueness in its field of application.

oil skimmer ARON_SK4   oil skimmer SK1GG-300-350_OIL

  • LIGTH WEIGTH – only 80 kg for the largest model
  • RESISTANCE to corrosion – thanks to the chosen materials
  • REDUCED OVERALL DIMENSIONS – up to 1.5 meters in size
  • HIGH TRANSPORTABILITY – can be hand carried
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY OF RECOVERY – up to 20 m3 / h of recovered oil
  • AUTONOMY of operation – it does not require any operator supervision and can run continuously 24 hours a day, for entire months
  • OPERATING ECONOMY and SAFETY – Compressed air supply that is easy to find and safe in the presence of flammable products
  • MADE IN ITALY – engineering, patents and production are entirely Italian, comply with national and European regulations, together with the design and flexibility typical of our country
  • refineries,
  • fuel tanks,
  • steelworks,
  • marinas,
  • tank tanks,
  • clean-up of port and recovery facilities at sea,
  • Civil Protection Bodies,
  • engine maintenance plant, car wash,
  • mechanical workshops
  • Pickling tanks for zinc plating
Model SK1-GG300/350 SK1-GG300/500 SK1-GG450/900 SK4-450/2
Nr of drums 1 1 1 4
Oil recovery capacity m3/h (1) 3 5 10 15
Efficiency (% of oil in the retrieved product) 98% 98% 98% 98%
Power supply compressed dry air 4-5,6 bar compressed dry air 4-5,6 bar compressed dry air 4-7 bar compressed dry air 4-7 bar
Typical air consumption (lt/min) 400 500 900 1500
Weight (Kg) (2) 32 50 72 80
On board pump SI SI SI SI
Overall Dimensions (mm) 945×1000 H500 1100×1000 H550 1570×1200 H700 1300×1570 H500

(1) Data refer to tests carried out in a tank containing brackish water with a oil thickness of 10 mm, medium viscosity, at a temperature of 15 ° C
In addition to the standard models, the ARON Skimmer can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Refinery API tank

oil skimmer drum skimmer floating

Complete supply of Skimmer to a roller

SK1GG-300-350_OIL drum skimmer aron floating and plastic

Surface flow of oil created by the Skimmer during operation

oil skimmer drum skimmer floating with on-board pump

Four wheel roller skimmer

plastic floating drum oil skimmer

Flotation tank in treatment plant

plastic floating drum oil skimmer

Emergency intervention with SK4

plastic floating oil drum skimmer in emergency

plastic drum oil skimmer pneumatic

pneumatic drum oil skimmer


Depliant Skimmer