Aron s.r.l.

ARON SRL was founded as a company for the design and construction of plastic equipment for pressure fluids and on specific requirements.
The continuos experimentation, know-how and "genius" of the founder made it possible to patent specific products in the field of ecology and industrial filtration, which were soon appreciated by the most demanding customer (qualified companies, Universities and Research Centers).




Thanks to a young and dynamic staff, composed of industry experts, designers and technicians, we provide support from the design phase of plants and services to the installation and testing phase.


Skimmers and oil separators, self-cleaning filters and Protein Skimmer allow us to provide high quality response and in a timely manner to a wide range of request.


Our technical/commercial office is available to advise on the most suitable solution for each customer specific requirements, from design to final installation.

Our business is aimed at companies operating in the following areas:

  • chemical
  • petrochemical
  • steel
  • electricity and wind energy production
  • fish-breeding
  • port services and anti-pollution services
  • water treatment

The materials we normally use for production are PE, PP, ABS, PETG, PVC, Titanium.

The trained and skilled personnel, as well as the well-equipped workshop allow us to realize with the maximum flexibility and professionalism special pieces, curves, tees, flanges also for large diameter pipes, tanks in PP and PE made from slabs, waterproof coatings for tanks, manufacturing on drawings.

In the aquaculture sector for offshore fish breeding, we have developed a remotely controlled feeder for the distribution of fish-feed in submerged cages at 10 meters below sea level.

For microalgae breeding, we have developed, designed and implemented a photo-bioreactors based culture plant.

In the field of sea water treatment and reuse, like fish-breeding farms and large aquariums, we have been building Protein Skimmers for many years by now, which proved also to be excellent adjuvants in salt water pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants.


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